Innovating New Solutions



Mission Statement

Perform leading edge basic and applied research in electrical and mechanical engineering, with a special emphasis on applied engineering leading to prototype development in electromechanical devices and systems with high specific power, force, and/or energy storage or other unique attributes. Imbedded in this mission is educating and developing students and CEM staff members into engineering leaders of tomorrow.

Vision Statement

For CEM to be internationally renowned in its mission area.
For CEM’s people to be internationally renowned in their areas of expertise.


2016 COMET

COMET 2016

On October 25-27, 2016, CEM hosted the third annual conference on Condition-Based Online Monitoring of Electric Assets (COMET) at the AT&T Conference Center.

Chinese Visit

Chinese Delegates Visit the PRC

Austin Mayor Adler visited China as part of a long-term multiparty effort to significantly enhance bilateral economic activity between Central Texas and China.

UT Sage

UT SAGE Celebrating 20 Years

CEM is proud to support continuing education in the Austin community. The UT Sage group plans regular tour visits to the CEM facility to learn about emerging technology solutions. In addition, CEM is host to multiple Machinist Training courses in partnership with the Texas Workforce Commission throughout the year. Watch the YouTube Video

Application Areas

Our approach involves participation in a continuum of research projects, each contributing to our knowledge base and core competencies while leveraging the results and experiences gained in previous projects. We intend to always be on the forefront of the new age of electrification by applying our fundamental understanding of the technologies involved to an increasing number of novel application areas.